Acupuncture case study
Raine, 11 month old rescue border collie with severe anxiety.

RaineRaine, a rescue dog, had been with his fosterer for three weeks when I first met him. In that time he had been permanently hunched with his tailclamped. This posture was so profound that he had been x-rayed to check for
a pelvic fracture. You can see just how bad he was in the video, on the left.

On meeting Raine it was clear that he was extremely stressed and anxious, he was wary of people and had a permanently crouched posture. He certainly looked as though he had a back or pelvic injury. The radiographs showed nothing amiss however, so I proceeded with acupuncture.

I treated him in order to balance his nervous system which was clearly in a permanent state of 'fight or flight'. I aimed to promote his parasympathetic nervous system, which allows us to rest, digest, heal, sleep, the opposite of 'fight or flight'. Essentially, I wanted to calm him down!

And I did, within a couple of hours. Raine has never looked back. I couldn't have hoped for a more immediate turn around. That evening his posture was almost normal, he wanted to play and he was calm. Since then he has got
better and better. There is no sign of that hunched back and he is no longer an anxious boy. He is relaxed with his fosterers, plays with his toys and enjoys rolling on his back for a good rub! He has had no further acupuncture treatment, what a great result.

His fosterer says: 'Amazing differences so far. Also not so much drool in the car. Thank you so
much Joanna Evans!' 'He is really blossoming, thank you'.

If you have an anxious dog, consider acupuncture, it can be remarkable!

Watch a Video of Raine.