Animal Acupuncture

Joanna EvansJoanna Evans graduated as a veterinary surgeon from Bristol University in 2008. She lives in the Towy Valley, Carmarthenshire with her husband, a farm animal vet, and her daughter Gwenllian. Together they have two rescue dogs, two rescue cats and a flock of sheep. She has had an interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine and specifically acupuncture since she shadowed a veterinary acupuncturist during her student years. She attended her training course with the Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists in 2012 and since then had been a keen advocate of this holistic, drug-free technique alongside her ‘day-job’ in a rescue centre in West Wales. In 2015 she established her own veterinary acupuncture service covering the Carmarthenshire area. Her vision is to offer a unique home-based service using this long-established treatment method, allowing animals to be seen in the comfort of their own surroundings.


Advantages of veterinary acupuncture:
Well tolerated in pets, horses and farm animals, even birds!
Promotes the body’s own healing and pain-relieving mechanisms.
Fewer side-effects when compared to drugs or surgery.
Can be used alongside medical therapy without complications.
Can be used following injury or surgery to aid recovery.
Can be used in performance and working dogs to improve muscle health.
Remember: Many pet insurance companies will cover animal acupuncture treatment.

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